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Santa Trimming

$16.99 | 10 cards and envelopes in a box.

"It’s trimming up to be a perfect Christmas. Enjoy"

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Santa Bowling

$16.99 | 10 cards and envelopes in a box.

"He’s heading your way… right down Santa Claus Lane! Merry Christmas"

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Bird on Berry Icicle Branch

$16.99 | 10 cards and envelopes in a box

"Season’s Greetings"

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Otter Snowball

$16.99 | 10 cards and envelopes in a box.

"Have a ball this holiday season!"

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Sun Salutation

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Keep your head up, and you’ll go far."

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Come Together

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Find your inner peace and share it with the world."

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Kiki on the 4th

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Live free and be you!"

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$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Hold on to these precious moments. Congratulations on Your New Baby"

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$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"You make my heart smile."

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Silver Lake

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"very loved full stop"

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$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Thanks for laughing through life with me."

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Two Girls in a Hot Air Balloon

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Together, we are able to achieve anything."

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Natily with Birds

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Make today extraordinary. Happy Birthday"

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Beluga Whale Blowing Bubbles

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Bubbling over with birthday wishes just for you! Happy Birthday"

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Boy with Dog and Raccoon Hat

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"On to the next frontier! Happy Birthday"

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Shaved Carrot

$22.50 | 6 cards and envelopes

"Happy Birthday to someone always on the cutting edge."

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