Want to buy these premium cards? Please note minimum purchase amount is $25.00

Large Orders and Customization

Thinking of using a Palm Press card to send as your holiday greeting to business clients, customers and friends? We offer quantity discounts on all large corporate and business orders.

To inquire about ordering a large quantity of the same card, please send your inquiry to inquiry@palmpressinc.com. Remember to include ALL of your contact information.

We also offer you the ability to personalize cards and envelopes! This may include your name, the firm’s name, or even a logo. To get an estimate of the cost and availability on personalizing a specific card, please send your inquiry to inquiry@palmpressinc.com.

When placing a customized order, we ask that you include the following:  1.) Card Description and Style #
2.) Quantity of cards needed
3.) Do you wish for the envelopes to include a return address?
4.) Your desired date of completion

PLEASE NOTE: Customizing your holiday cards takes approximately 3 weeks upon finalization of your order. Please allow plenty of time as we want to ensure that we have an adequate inventory of your chosen card.

Also, as our office is located in New Jersey, please be advised that shipping to the East Coast requires less time than to other areas of the country.