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Our Favorite Christmas Photos

Christmas cards are one of the most exciting parts about the holidays. It’s fun to receive mail that can be displayed in a fun fashion around the house. Sure, it’s easy to send a text message or an email wishing someone a Happy Holiday, but professional Christmas photos are a tangible way of showing your friends and family that you care. It shows you took a few moments to think about them, and it’s a valued keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. These festive greetings can be shared with employees, coworkers, teachers and clients, as well as family and friends. You could make them laugh with a funny memory written inside or simply let the professional photography speak for itself.

Make sure you pick a card that perfectly resembles the person who you are sending it to. Whether it’s a sister, grandparent, neighbor, teacher or coworker, you want to pick one that shows you were thinking about that particular person. Remember, you probably wouldn’t send the same card to your mom that you gave to your boss!

Here is a list of 7 of Our Favorite Christmas Photos:


#7: Santa Snow Angel

Christmas Photos
Inside Greeting: “Enjoy the holidays.”

Who says you can only make an angel in the snow? We always see the stereotypical Santa flying in his sleigh or trudging through the snow with a sack of toys tossed across his back. It’s those rare sightings of Santa enjoying his time off that we love!  Kids and adults alike will find this Christmas card amusing, whether you usually have a snowy or sandy Christmas.




#6: Cat Catching SnowBall

Holiday Cards
Inside Greeting:“Enjoy the Holidays!”

There’s just something so special about that first snowfall of the season. That crisp smell, the snowflakes tickling the tree branches, and the way it crunches when you walk across it. Pair that sweet memory with a funny image, and you have a box of evocative photography cards that everyone on your list can enjoy. We would sure love to see the aftermath of that cat’s reaction when he does catch that snowball.




#5: Penguins Scarves

Holiday Photos

Inside Greeting:“Enjoy the Holidays!”

We sure do enjoy seeing animals in their unnatural habitat. Photographer Franka Slothouber’s card is perfect for anyone celebrating a holiday this season! The photograph blends a classic setting with a gaggle of sassy penguins keeping fashionably warm. Perfect to spread some holiday cheer with your group of friends, these waddling birds are sure to give your recipient a smile as wide as the North Pole.




#4: Two Dogs Christmas Lights

Christmas Cards
Inside Greeting:“Warmest wishes for the holidays”

Photographer Fran Laurendeau’s card is the perfect combination of sweet and sincere. For dog lovers everywhere, they are sure to melt into a puddle of happiness when they see two wet snouts poking out from their blanket. Not only are these Christmas photos perfect for pet owners, but it can also be used to express your love to your partner. Nothing says Happy Holidays like snuggling up on a cold night in front of the Christmas tree.



#3: Snowman Marshmallow

Christmas Photos


Inside Greeting:“Have a relaxing holiday!”

Imagine you were a marshmallow. How comfortable would it be lounging in that mug of hot chocolate? (Just be sure to hop out before you melt!) Photographer Jessica Monroy’s card is a combination of charming, creative and fun. Kids will love this card for the whimsy of the marshmallow relaxing inside of the mug, and adults will find its candy arms absolutely delightful. This nostalgic card brings us back to the good old days of warming up with a cup of hot coco after playing in the snow all day.





#2: Santa in Café

Christmas Cards
Inside Greeting:“Season’s Greetings”

This spoof on Edward Hooper’s classic painting Nighthawks is one of Palm Press’ best sellers, and for good reason! Completed in 1942, Nighthawks captured the stillness of New York City. Jay P. Morgan’s insertion of Santa Claus expertly depicts that calm before the holiday storm. As we mentioned earlier, we adore those rare sightings of Santa away from the season’s norm. These photo greeting cards are sure to be enjoyed by Edward Hooper fans and photography lovers alike.



#1: Mouse with Hat

Christmas Photos
Inside Greeting:“Have a very Merry Christmas!”

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Who thought a tiny white mouse with a knit hat on his head would be the cutest Christmas image? We cherish the way the blanket snuggles his tiny body, the way the hat slightly tips to the side, and the mouse’s angelic face as he dreams of sugarplum fairies. Another best-selling card, Mouse with Hat is sure to put a smile even on a Scrooge’s face.



We hope you enjoyed our favorite Christmas Photos and picked out your favorites as well!  Order your photography Christmas cards today with our Cyber November code EARLYBIRD for 10% off all holiday cards, now until November 25th! Follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date with all our holiday exclusives.


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