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Our Favorite Dog Photos For All Occasions

Palm Press’s greeting cards combine premier photography and profound prose to help you tell a story beyond words. We proudly curate our evocative collection of cards, ensuring that you touch the heart of your recipient. Nobody can be uncheered with a greeting card, especially if there is a dog on the front. Dogs are always there for us: they snuggle up to you when you’re sick, they play with you when you’re feeling energetic, and they give you kisses when you’re sad. These furry animals are part of your family from the moment they trot into your home. If you know someone who has a four-legged family member, they will definitely appreciate one of our dog photos.


Here is a list of Our Favorite Dog Photos for All Occasions:



Friendship CardsAre you looking to send a friend a Thinking Of You card just because? We are sure they will adore one of our new photos, PUPPY LOVE! Your friend will open the card and instantly smile ear to ear. These friendship cards are great for someone that you don’t always get to see because of how far away they live.



Dog Anniversary CardsWe know how important these milestones in a couple’s life can be. Whether you’re celebrating a couple’s fifth year anniversary or 50th, we have the perfect photo for that canine-loving couple! TWO DOGS BLANKET’s sweet and thoughtful sentiments will make a dog lover melt. We all know that couple who would rather snuggle up with their doggos rather than go out on a Friday night. This card not only sends your best wishes, but will have them ‘awwing’ the moment the card slips from the envelope!


Thank You

Dog Thank You CardsEveryone loves dinner at your house, according to these adorable DOGS & DISHWASHER Thank You cards. Say ‘thanks’ for a gift, an act of kindness, or just because. No matter what they did, they deserve to be thanked in a way that they will always remember: with a dog!


Get Well

Dog Get Well CardsNothing beats snuggling up in bed with your dog, especially when you’re not feeling well or recovering from a surgery. An endearing photography greeting card such as SICK DOG & FEET will leave your ill friend with a little more pep in their step.


New Home

New HomeLet’s face it – we’ve all moved to a different home and know how hectic it can be. The packing, the unpacking, and the number of items you have to bubble wrap to ensure they don’t break in the moving truck. If you know someone special who is making this big life change, treat them to this BUBBLE WRAP DOG card and a bottle of champagne! It will help relieve some of the moving stress for a moment. (It will also serve as a good reminder to pack the dog!)



With Palm Press’s variety of memorable birthday cards, it was too hard to pick just one. Instead, we picked our top 3 dog photos!

Birthday Cards




A CLOSE UP OF A DOG is ideal for animal lovers because it portrays the dog in a stoic mustache. Someone with a great sense of humor will surely appreciate this birthday keepsake.




Dog Photos



What’s not to like about PUPPY IN WAGON? It’s the epitome of pure innocence! This puppy will surely tug on the heartstrings of its recipient for days to come, and it’s appropriate for any age.




Dog Photos




And finally, DOGS AND FRIDGE is a great card to give to a friend. We all have that one friend that we used to get into mischief with (and maybe still do). What better way to reminisce on the good ol’ days than with a card that shows two dogs doing something they’re not supposed to. (And are incapable of, for that matter!)




We hope that you found a card for the dog lover in your life with one of our professional photography cards! Follow us on Instagram for more photo favorites!


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