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Our Favorite Birthday Photos

Birthday cards are one of the most exciting parts about your special day. Sure, it’s easy to send a text message or an email wishing someone a Happy Birthday, but professional birthday photos on a greeting card is a tangible way of showing your friends and family that you care.

At Palm Press, we proudly curate our exceptional collection of birthday cards for any person, any age, and any time of the year.  Our wide variety of portraits, animals, and landscapes are sure to make anyone smile. With photography that is worth a thousand words, writing a message inside has never been easier!

Make sure you pick a card that perfectly resembles the person who you are sending it to. Whether it’s a sister, grandparent, neighbor, teacher or coworker, you want to pick one that shows you were thinking about that particular person. Think about your relationship to that person, what they like, and what kind of message you want to write. Take your time. Remember, a simple HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes a long way!


Here is a list of 7 of Our Favorite Birthday Photos:


#7: A Close Up of a Dog


Inside Greeting: “Wishing you a surreal birthday!”

This birthday card of a dog wearing a mustache is the perfect combination of adorable and funny. Dog lovers of all ages will appreciate displaying the ‘surreal’ card on their fridge or windowsill. Kids will also enjoy trying to figure out who the dog is trying to disguise itself as!




#6: Kid’s Cereal

Birthday Photos

Inside Greeting: “It’s your birthday. Go ahead and break the rules!”

This card fully encompasses what it’s like to have a sibling. From the laughter, to the mess, a sibling young or old will appreciate the memories this image brings back. Even a friend that you grew up with will appreciate the nostalgia of being a silly kid again.


#5: Older Guy/Fries

Birthday Photos


Inside Greeting: “With age comes maturity…eventually. Happy Birthday”

You don’t have to be an ‘older guy’ to appreciate the silliness of this birthday card. Anyone who appreciates a little humor, such as the ‘life of the party’ in your friend group, is sure to enjoy the placement of America’s favorite food.





#4: Summer Sessions in Malibu, California
Birthday Photos


Inside Greeting: “Hang loose and enjoy your birthday!”

This photograph is perfect for a summer birthday. A lover of all things vacation or surfing will enjoy the black and white style of this card. It truly encompasses a relaxing day on the beach, especially the way the light hits the surfer.



#3: Cat Teeth

Birthday Photos


Inside Greeting:  “You always put a smile on my face. Happy Birthday”

Alright, we know cats (as precious as they are) aren’t the most ‘peopley’ of animals. Adding a smile to a grumpy cat is exactly why this birthday card is one of our top sellers. This card is beloved by cat lovers and humor fans alike. Even someone who isn’t a big fan of birthdays will enjoy it. (Though, you may need to draw a smile for them too...)




#2: Tall Cookie

Birthday Photos

Inside Greeting: “Too much of a good thing is just right on your Birthday!”

Do we even need to explain this best-selling birthday card? The face on that little girl alone is wholesome enough. For anyone who has ever eaten more than one Oreo in a sleeve (because, who actually just has one…) and for any kid who ever liked to play with their food (ok, we know that’s all of you…), this card will be remembered for birthdays to come.


#1: Mouse & Helmet

Palm Press Greeting Cards


Inside Greeting: “Older..but wiser. Happy Birthday”

You can’t go wrong with an adorable mouse card. We love Mouse & Helmet because of how determined the mouse looks to get its cheese. (And let’s be honest – who wouldn’t go to great lengths for a nice chunk of cheese?) Animal, humor, and photography lovers are sure to enjoy the sweet message this card has.


We hope you enjoyed our favorite Birthday Photos and picked out your favorites as well!  Follow us on Instagram for more photography favorites!


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