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How To Use A Photograph As A Gift

The holidays are right around the corner, and the crisp air is turning our noses a shade of Rudolph. If you’re tired of gifting people their yearly ties, scarves and mittens, consider something a little more personal! Photography as a gift can be a very special and unique keepsake. You can gift a photograph for a birthday, a graduation, or even a housewarming. A photography gift adds a personalized touch that may not be present in a store-bought item. The image can be something the recipient loves, like a favorite animal, or it can be an image of their family and friends. Here are some ways you can use a photograph as a gift:

WINTER GOLFPhotograph as a GiftInside Greeting: “Winter rules! Happy Holidays”


As a scrapbook or photo book for a birthday or significant other’s anniversary.

If you want to be creative for someone’s special day, consider printing a handful of favorite photographs. These can be images of their favorite things, photos from their childhood, or funny moments you both had together. Grab a fun scrapbook, some stickers for extra creativity, a pen in their favorite color, and some glue. Place the photographs in an orderly fashion, adorn them with stickers or embellishments, and write captions for each page. This is a fun reminder of a fun celebration that can be displayed and treasured for years to come.

A CLOSE UP OF A DOGPhotography GiftInside Greeting: “Wishing you a surreal birthday!”


As a surprise for a milestone moment.

If you have an exciting announcement to make, consider presenting a photograph! Frame a photo of a sonogram to announce a birth, a picture of a proposal to reveal an engagement, or a photo of a new dog to share an adoption. An announcement like this shows how special you wanted to make the moment for the person you are revealing to, and they will be sure to enjoy the sentiment.


Photograph as a GiftInside Greeting: “Congratulations on your Special Delivery!”


As a canvas, collage, or framed print for any occasion.

Do you have someone on your list who gives the most thoughtful gifts? Consider a photography gift! Pick your favorite photo for your recipient, have it printed as a larger size, and frame it. Consider a neutral frame if you’re unsure how their home is decorated. Protect the gift in bubble wrap, brown paper or a box to keep it from breaking. Wrap it with appropriate festive paper and top it with a bow.


Photography GiftInside Greeting: “Thank you!”


As a useful item.

Personalize a mug for a coffee lover, put a photograph of their favorite book on a bookmark, or a picture of all of the grandchildren on a jigsaw puzzle for Grandma. Print pictures on magnets, socks, candles, and wine labels. The possibilities to gift something creative are endless.


PhotographerInside Greeting: “Congratulations!”


Whether you frame your photograph or have it printed on a thermos, your recipient will appreciate the effort you took to create their gift. Let someone know how much you care with a photographic card from Palm Press to pair with your photography gift. Follow us on Instagram for more fun gifting tips, and say it all with a Palm Press card.


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